Error in Conversion

There appears to be a problem with conversion that didn't take place before. 

The written text doesn't all disappear. Each time the conversion is done, the displayed text increases in size? This didn't happen yesterday, but for some reason it's occurring today?

Best Answer

Dear Viz,

from your latest video, if I understand well, you would expect our solution adapts the font size to the size of the ink?

Currently, this cannot be done, by default our converted result displays the result to the default font-size (which of course you can tune).

To come back to the issue you pointed above (result size increases each time), it look s like you are changing the font-size each time you call the convert function. Can you please check this?

Also, can you please updated to our latest iinkJS, that was released recently? Indeed, looking at the source of you page, it appears you are using the legacy MyScriptJS which was released a while ago.

Best regards,