iink SDK on Device

Application development is completed and error reporting is displayed on the new machine

The newly developed application runs on the development machine without any problems.

An error was reported while demonstrating the application on a brand new device today, as shown below.(The new device has installed.NET Framework 4.7)


Note: Process aborted due to an unhandled exception.


Dear Nie Sir,

According to your snapshots, you encounter a Dll not found exception on GetDpiForMonitor method call.

This method comes with the  "Shcore.dll" library.

So it seems the "Shcore.dll" library is iether not present on your new device, or it can't be found by your application when running on the new device.

Best regards,


Dear Gwenaëlle,

Due to missing DLL,I transfer the source code of the program to the new machine to run, find the problem.

 it is found that every time the compilation is run, a consumption quota will be occupied

Just once on one machine consumption +1,

Just once on one machine consumption +1,

It's 9 / 100 now,How to solve this problem.

And “Shcore.dll" And other related DLLs, do you provide download??

Win7 64 bit SP1

Add: the new machine will start for a long time every time F5 runs. What is the reason?

Dear Nie Sir,

Thank you for your update.

The “Shcore.dll" comes with the OS so we don't provide it.

Please check this page to check the supported platforms for iink 1.4 : https://developer.myscript.com/docs/interactive-ink/1.4/overview/platforms/#platform-and-apis

The iink 1.4 supports only Windows 10, and the min version is Build 16299.

This is probably the origin of your issue.

Best regards,


Dear Gwenaëlle,

Because our customers still use Windows 7.

Is it possible to download 1.3 version of SDK and demo??

Does version 1.3 also support Windows 10??

How to charge for version 1.3???

Dear Nie Sir,

currently, in our wpf sample, we use the GetDpiForMonitor to get the scaling of the screen. This function is called in the GetDpi function of the UIReferenceImplementation/DisplayResolution.cs file.

The GetDpiForMonitor is located in the Shcore.dll, which has only been present since the windows 8.1. Based on this, you understand the current implementation of the DisplayResolution.cs file requires at least Windows 8.1, and will therefore not run on Windows 7/

One solution would then be that you re-implement by yourself the GetDpi function, not using the GetDpiForMonitor function. Nevertheless, on our side, as the iink was not tested on windows 7, we cannot guarantee any other issue will not occur.

As the windows 7 desktop usage is very low and will continue to decrease, we will not do any development to ensure our iink is compatible with the latter.

Best regards,