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calling Editor.SetViewSize() with a Math part with only one dot drawn throws 'internal error'

I am using the C# WPF UI reference implementation for handwritten math recognition.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Clone the WPF example repository

MyScript/interactive-ink-examples-wpf: MyScript Interactive Ink examples and user interface reference implementation for Windows WPF. (github.com)

2. Change the PART_TYPE in MainWindow.xaml.cs of the GetStarted project to "Math"

3. Compile and run the GetStarted project

4. Draw a single dot

5. Resize the window

6. The error occurs at line 232 of EditorUserControl.xaml.cs


_editor.SetViewSize((int)Math.Round(e.NewSize.Width), (int)Math.Round(e.NewSize.Height));


  Message=internal error

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Dear YS Lin,

thank you for contacting us.

I was indeed able to reproduce easily.

At present, we cannot commit when this crash will be solved.

Best regards,