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Export MATH Part using iinkSDK iOS


I have using the iinkSDK in iOS.

I have a MATH Part and i wrote the following string "√2+√3

And i have write another math equation Log10 base e (Log10 e)

But i try export that "MATH" part by using the following line,

 if let getText = try? editorViewController.editor.export_(editorViewController.editor.rootBlock, mimeType: IINKMimeType.text){




Bu it's export the Math part like following string as result ,

1) "√[2]+√[3]" what i expected is "√2+√3"

2) log_[10]e what i expected is Log10 e

Why it's converted like this?

What i to do convert correctly?

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Dear Kannan,

thank you for contacting us.

Indeed, when exporting as Text, this string is returned.

Nevertheless, on our side, in a Math part, we do not support the text export. You can find the available exports on the following page: https://developer.myscript.com/docs/interactive-ink/1.4/overview/import-and-export-formats/#available-exports

You can also use our API to get the list of supported exports: MimeType types[] = editorView.getEditor().getSupportedExportMimeTypes(null);

One solution is that you export as Latex or MathML, and use an external library to display the result.

Best regards,