iink SDK on Device

Invalid Certificate


Actually i have an already iinkSDK on my application. its working successfully.

Now i clone that same project and change the package name(Bundle Identifier) of that project into new one.

I have created the new application with the same "package name"(Bundle Identifier) which i have in cloned project.

And download that certificate and put it into my cloned project.

But when i try to run the project its shows an following error "Invalid Certificate"

How to resolve this issue?

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Dear Kannan,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, if using the ATK account associated to your current email, the reason is that you no longer have licenses for trial ; you have indeed used the 100 licenses we provide for a development purpose.

2 solutions:

-If your application is in production, legally you have to buy licenses.

-If for a development purpose, you use another development account

Best regards,