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Write Math Equation With Some Sentences


I have implemented the link SDK in iOS in my app.

But I can't able to write the Math equation with some sentences in the "MATH" part-writing Area.

The following line is I'm trying to write in the "MATH" area,

Ex:  "Here is proved the equation,  a+b+c = a2+b2+c2"

But it's can't convert to the as I'm expected.

How to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Kannan,

I just tried to recognize such ink on my side, and could get it properly recognized.

I guess the issue it that you are not getting the result unless having a "well written ink".

In that case, you shall create a custom gramar, in which you will define the patterns you want to recognize. The idea is to constain the recognition, so that the accuracy is likely to be better.

You can refer to the following parts of the documentation:




Best regards,


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