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你好,我们这边采用android sdk的识别方案,采取多线程10个线程,概率发现个别答案识别失败,日志如下,麻烦看看是否有解决方案,谢谢;

    Failed to edit block "MainBlock"INVALID_CERTIFICATE:

    error: AddResource zh_CN/zh_CN-lk-text.res failed

    error: failed to read configuration script

    script exits with 2 errors

Dear Denny,

thank you for your question.

Currently, this error message can occur for different reasons:

-First, can you confirm the version of the resources you are using are aligned with the iink version. For example, if using iink 1.3 and resources from the 1.4 release, such error message can be raised: https://developer-support.myscript.com/support/discussions/topics/16000029933

-Also, did you properly deployed the zh_CN resources in assets of your project?

-If you zh_CN.conf file properly deployed and formatted?

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards,





Dear Denny,

please confirm you are using the iink SDK 1.4 and the corresponding resources (you can download these at the following link: https://developer.myscript.com/support/recognition-assets).

I am insisting that this error message usually occurs when iink sdk and resources are not aligned.

Best regards,


你好,确认是多线程引发的问题,单线程是正常的,结合另外一个提问都是一个原因 https://developer-support.myscript.com/support/discussions/topics/16000031092

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