There is a problem with the recognition result of MyScript for iOS SDK.

Just like in the video, I wrote a few lines of text, exported the JIIX string, and after parsing the JIIX string, I found that the current content can be recognized correctly, but the previous content recognition result will be wrong. Also, if you write a line first, and then write on top of this line, the result will be wrong. How can I solve this problem? I gave the YouTube video link. Below is the result of my parsing the JIIX string. I use the label field of the JIIX string to get the recognition result.Youtube video link

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Dear XP Pen,

Currently, I recommend you refer to "Recognition quality is poor" part of the documentation: https://developer.myscript.com/docs/interactive-ink/1.4/android/fundamentals/error-management/#recognition-quality-is-poor

Among these:

-FIrst, ensure you are in a Text part and not a Text Document

-Disable the Guidelines

-Ensure the resolution is properly set when creating the renderer (the resolution shall be the one one your writing device, not the one of the display).

If all this is fine, then I would tend dot think the ink is not properly added to the editor. One way to check this is export the strokes in the JIIX file (ensure the export.jiix.strokes configuratiion is set -it is by default- ).

-Export as JIIX after the first line has been written => the strokes are in the JIIX

-Write the second line ; normally, the content of the first shall have changed => export again as JIIX

Comparing the content of both JIIX, check if the content of the strokes of the first writings has changed.

=>I am insisting this is likely one of the above issues.

Best regards,


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