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Exporting JSON data as image.


I have a dateset of stroke data that was a part of a 2017 research study done based on myScript. I want to use this dateset for benchmark purposes for a study I'm currently doing and I want to convert them into images. (these are handwritten python source code snippets). Preferably I would like to export an image for each written program.

I have attached the data and some sample images for reference, How can I go about doing this ? The current implementation of myScript I have is the android samples on GitHub. Please help me convert this stroke data to images to use in my university research project.

Thanks in advance!

Link to the stroke data : Stroke data

Link to the sample image data: Image data


Dear Rkodippily,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, I am not sure to understand what you expect from us?

Indeed, as said in another topic, if you want to use the iink SDK to convert your ink, as our technology was not trained to recognize python code, it will not be accurate.

If you simply want to export you raw ink an an image, the easier is that you create a svg file by yourself?

Please explain.

Best regards,


Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your reply.

I want to export JIIX "stroke" data as images. The previous study I mentioned has put out the dataset in the JSON Format. But I need the image data.

If you can please take a look at the files here. Those are the files that I want to convert to images.

When you say, "create svg from raw ink" , do you mean converting stroke data to images ? If so please explain how to do this a little bit more.

Thank you for your time,



Dear Rajeev,

If I understand well, you already have the raw strokes as JSON, and simply want to convert these as an image?

Then, the easier and faster is to not use the iink:

-Unserialize the JSON files

-Then, with the coordinates, you can create a SVG file

You can then convert the SVG to the image format you prefer.

Best regards,


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