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问题1 :

我想了解下 识别数据 除了 传输 x,y 的识别数据   之外  还可以进行图片识别么

因为我需要 识别一张 有书写文本的图片  并且可以识别出结果

如果存在并且可以实现的话,请列出相对应的 方法以及配置



步骤: 将识别数据 以及 预设结果 一同传入 进行识别,  识别成功后 返回识别结果 以及 与预设结果对比的 最终结果

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Bing Translation:


I now have two questions about recognition

Question 1 :

I would like to know if you can also do image recognition in addition to transmitting x,y recognition data

Because I need to recognize a picture with written text and I can recognize the result

If it exists and can be implemented, list the corresponding methods and configurations

Question 2:

Whether there is a way to identify contrasts

Step 2: Pass in the recognition data along with the preset result for recognition, return the recognition result after recognition is successful, and the final result compared to the preset result

Dear 磊 胡,

thank you for contacting us.

To answer your questions:

1- No, the MyScript technology is not able to do image recognition. More information is available in our documentation: https://developer.myscript.com/docs/concepts/digital-ink-vs-ocr/

2 -No, this is not possible, when providing ink, the MyScript technology will return what it considers as the "best result". If you wan to compare the result with a predefined dataset, you shall implement this by yourself.

Best regards,


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