Change the size of Math text in Android MyScript SDK

Is there any possibility to change the text size of the Math type after conversion. I have cross checked under .math-variable in Didn't find any relevant variables to support as we have for Texts.

Dear Dhagyalaxmi,

thank you for contacting us.

Indeed, in Math we do not offer the possibility to tune the size of the converted result.

Instead, you can export as Latex or Mathml. Then, using an external library, you can set the font size in your Latex/MathML according to your needs. Using an external Latex/MathML display library, you will be able to render the result according to your needs.

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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the response.

Our requirement is to display the exported Latex content over the editor itself. Have tried to import the exported result over the editor with setting few extra tag to set font size e,g 


 But it gives error  

java.lang.IllegalStateException: import failed :No corresponding LaTeX function \normalsize{1}
        at com.myscript.iink.NativeFunctions.doImport(Native Method)


Dear Dhagyalaxmi,

currently, you cannot import a Latex content with the iink SDK.

You shall instead use an external library, that will import your Latex file.

Also, this way, once you will display the Latex using an external library, you will no longer be able to interact with the converted result.

The main question we have is the reason you want to modify the size of the converted result? You are not satisfied with it? Is it possible to learn more about your use-case?

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Hi Oliver,

We have a requirement to show comparatively smaller text size. The converted text size looks bigger.

 We have checked over 10" tablet device, where we are showing the editor half of the entire display area. On top of editor we are showing some other text views, so we wanted to have the converted text over editor to have bit near to those text size. 

As you mentioned, it looks like we will not be able to modify it. Also using an external library will not work in our case as we want the content to be editable.

Just curious, is there any future scope to support text size change for Math type ?



Dear Bhagyalaxmi,

thank you for the update.

I cross checked internally, and at present it is not planned to offer the possibility to tune the text size for converted Math result.

Best regards,


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