iink SDK on Device

How can I get the recognition language it uses from an already existing .iink file?

For example: in the beginning I created an I.iink using English; how do I get the language it uses when I open it next time.

Dear Hedy Jiang,

thank you for contacting us and your question.

Indeed, the current iink SDK doesn't have an API that would return the language of an existing contentPackage.

Neverthless, the good news is that the coming iink 2.0, will have a getLanguage() method, that will allow you to get the language used in a contentPart:

String myLanguage = contentPart.getLanguage();

The iink 2.0 is not yet available on our devloper portal. It normally plan to release it before end of June.

Best regards,


Where can I get iink What will change after the 2.0 release?

Dear Hedy,

thank you for the update.

All the answers to your questions will be in the delivery email.

As said above, the release is on its way.

Best regards,


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