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How can I reduce the size of the resource file?

How can I reduce the size of the resource file (ex. assets/resource/mtah/xxxx.res)?

There is a problem that the size of the app increases by at least 30 MB when using Myscirpt.

analyzer, en_US, math, shape <= about 15.1MB

ko_KR. mul <= 24.3MB

ink sdk version : 1.5.1

Is there any way to reduce the resource size?

Please tell me how.

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Dear Chunjae,

Thank you for contacting us.

Currently what it the exact issue you are facing? Is it the APK is too huge? Or your customers do not have devices with enough space?

Indeed, we do not ahve any way to provide with smaller resources. One alternative could be that you deploy the resources on a server by yourself, and your application downloads these when needed?

Best regards,


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