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how to test the performance of ink recognition by through python http posts requests


Is it possible to test the performance of the ink handwrite recognition feature performance by python scripts, through post http requests, instead of using the SDK, 

I want to request by strokes coordinates and get back the recognition results, is there any examples? and parameters and headers docs 



Dear Maeweier,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, I guess that by testing the performance, you want to check how accurate our technology is with a given ink?

In that case, you can indeed use our REST API, with the language you prefer. Simply ensure you format the request properly. The easier is indeed that you refer to our swaggerui page (which you already found ;-) )

Nevertheless, please note that by default, as an evaluation your account will be limited to 2000 requests per month:

Best regards,


Hi Olivier, 

thanks for the reply, 

but why my request response is: access is not granted, 

I am sure I entered the application-key and hmac correctly, could you please check my account? 



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