Math laTex Notation for fractions.

Dear myScript team.
I have a problem and ask.

Get results for fractions with Latex after math handwriting input.
The problem is that \dfrac is returned, not \frac.
Is there a way to subtract 'd' from the result?

In my case.
There is a problem using that part on the server.

Thank you.

Dear Cer0415,

thank you for contacting us.

We indeed choose to use the "\dfrac" in Latex. We do not offer the possibility to tune this. The solution is that you replace by yourself the "\dfrav" by "\frac" in your application.

Best regards,


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Dear Olivier @MyScript

Thanks for the reply.

However, in the standard conversion program we have, there are too many cases to replace one by one.
Not only \frac, but also in the cases of \sum_a^b and \sum_{a}^{b}, the difference between {} and not attaching occurs.
Can I get a recommendation for a solution or site that converts the result of 'MyScript' as it is and checks whether it matches or not?

Best regards,

Dear Cer0415,

Thanks for the update.

We don't have such a recommandation as, as you say, there are many cases and we don't know the exact syntax that you are using.

So the only solution we see, is to handle each case one by one on your side, to replace the 'MyScript' expression by yours when needed.

Best regards,


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