Scoring math question handwriting answer and dot pattern paper support.

I have a bluetooth pen and dot pattern paper, its library.

I can get the coordinates of the strokes on dot pattern paper through the pen.

I need a math problem handwritten answer scoring function in my android, ios app.

Also, I need integration dot pattern paper and bluetooth pen math handwriting recognition.

Is all this possible with myscript?

If so, what should I do ?

Dear Harry,

thank you for contacting us.

Currrently, as long as you have the X and Y coordinates, you can use the MyScript technology to get your ink converted.

You can decidde to use our on-device solution:

Or to use our cloud solution:

You can refer to our complete documentation:

In a first time, you can simply use our cloud solution using our REST API:

-The faster is that you refer to our swagger page:

-Or you can use our iinkJS without the ui:

This will allow you to quickly use the coordinates and have a good overview of the technology.

Best regards,


Thank you for answer.

May I know what is the on-device pricing?

(There are about 10,000 existing users and about 1,000 new users per month, and there are about 1,000 unsubscribed users.)

Also, with the on-device pricing model, is it possible to transfer the license to another user when the above withdrawal user no longer uses my app?

Dear Harry,

thank you for the update.

To request a pricing update, the easier is that you fill-in our online form, that will be forwarded to our sales team:

Regarding transfering the licenses when the application is uninstalled or no longer used, from a technical point of view, this is not possible: each time the application is installed on a new device, our license server counts a new license. We currently have no way to "uncount" a license or figure out when an application is uninstalled.

Best regards,


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