A phenomenon in which the entered stroke disappears

Dear MyScript Team.

A phenomenon occurs where the entered stroke disappears during character input.

The input language is Korean.

Once it disappears, it disappears over and over again.

It stops disappearing only after writing the next letter.

How to solve it?

Do I need to give a separate option or configuration?

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Thank you for contacting us.

Which API are you using? The native SDK or the Web SDK? And which SDK version?

Does this phenomenon occur with any stroke? or only when trying to write specific character?

Could you please, share a video showing your issue?

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Dear Gwenaelle @MyScript

Thanks for the quick response.

I am using the native sdk of 1.5v. content package create part is"Text".

It occurs frequently when writing 'ㅣ', such as '이', '기', '니', '디' .... '일', '님,' '긴' ... etc. in the Korean language.

I will attach the video together.

Best regards,


Dear Cer0415,

Thank you for your video and for sharing with us the details of your configuration.

It helps a lot understanding your issue!

As you are using a "Text" part  (which has line height 10mm by default) without guidelines, when you write a vertical down stroke bigger than the line height, it is detected as an insert gesture  (see https://developer.myscript.com/docs/interactive-ink/2.0/concepts/editing-gestures/#ink-gestures).

For this reason, the stroke is discarded, as it is interpreted as a gesture by the engine.
This situation happens frequently when users write in an area without 'guidelines'.

In order to cope with this situation, we advize you trying to use a "Raw Content" part with text recognition activated.

Also, you mention you are using the 1.5 iink version.

Please, note that the latest iink 2.0 version comes with many improvements for "Raw content": https://developer.myscript.com/docs/interactive-ink/2.0/overview/changelog/#more-flexibility-with-raw-content

We have also fully refreshed our Demo examples in 2.0.
So please, give a try with the 2.0 Demo with a "Raw Content" part!

Best regards,


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