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Hello Olivier,

I'm Jhon Breith, who asked a question on "about cloud mark" about two years ago.

I tried all the methods you taught me in the previous "about cloud mark", but even now, if I leave it for a certain period of time (about 30s to 1min) without writing anything, a blue cloud with a slanted line appears. I'm in trouble.

The content of the question overlaps with the previous one, but is it possible to prevent the blue cloud with a hatched mark from being displayed even if I leave it without writing anything?

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Hello John,

Thank you for contacting us.

I guess that you are using iinkJS with the WebSocket mode.

After a given period of time of inactivity, ( 5 minutes if case there is no actovoty, and 3 minutes if there are no exchanges since last writing), the web session is closed.

At that moment the blue cloud is displayed with a 'Session closed due to no activity.' text message.

I guess this is what you observe.

If you don't want to display this blue cloud with the text error message, you can customize the handleError of the RecognizerService.js (  to filter this error code and not display anything is that case. this can be done by modify the block starting line 161 by following block:

  if (
    (editorRef.error.innerText === Constants.Error.TOO_OLD || err.reason === 'CLOSE_RECOGNIZER') &&
    RecognizerContext.canReconnect(editor.recognizerContext) || editorRef.error.innerText === Constants.Error.NO_ACTIVITY
  ) {'Reconnection is available', err) = 'none'

Best regards,


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