Support for floating point numbers for JIIX format exports


I use MyScript for math recognition and the JIIX exports method to receive handwritten input. 

I have a big problem that needs to be resolved somehow and the issue is that the JIIX format for some reason continuously removes trailing zeros so for example if I want to input "4,000" or "4.000" then I always get 4.0 as a response in JIIX object. The desired output would be to keep trailing zeros and this is a must. 

How do I implement this or enable it?

I see that for the Latex format it returns the numbers properly by keeping all the trailing zeros but I can't use any other formats than JIIX exports and I also can't find anything about that in the documentation.

Would really appreciate any input about this one or confirmation if this is even possible to achieve in the MyScript. 
Thanks in advance!

The issue is on the MyScript for Web and the problem is that the JIIX exports return gives me back an object with some properties but the ones that I am talking about are label (string) and value (number) I would like to have at least one of those to return correctly with trailing zeros.

Dear Bartlomiej,

Thank you for contacting us.

I am currently a bit puzzled: I wrote "4.000", export it as JIIX, clear and import as JIIX, and it was properly imported.

Can you give a try to the follwing JIIX file.

Best regards,


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