Another concerns about MyScript Math Recognition

Dear Olivier, 

I'm glad I got a reply to my last conversation with you. 

I am using C# to develop a research project based on MyScript recognition, but I have some confusion in using it:

1)  How to use the recognition engine if I do not use the interface components provided by MyScript. I could concern 

how to input data to the recognition engine and the format of the input data (sorry if this is a commercial secret).

2) The strokes  provided in JIIX format do not match the strokes  in the canvas (using the transformation matrix), 

so how do I match the strokes  in JIIX format by clicking on the drawing board strokes.

3) Is there a data class in MyScript that collects strokes? A "StrokeBuilder" class is found in supported documents, 

but it cannot be found in provided API.

These questions focus on my scientific research and do not involve any commercial activities.

Hope to get your reply, thanks.

Best Wish,


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Dear Ame,

thank you for contacting us  and your questions.

1: Do you mean you have existing ink data as X and Y coordinates, and would like to process these? If only a "one shot" processing, is needed, then you can use our REST Text iink no UI sample: ?

If for recurring use, you can refer to our "off-screen-usage". With the latter, the strokes shall be added as a "series of events".

2: I am a bit surprised ; do you convert the JIIX corrdinates (in millimeters) to pixels as follows:

Transform tr= editor->getRenderer()->getViewTransform();
Point myPoint(x,y); //coordinates in milimeters
tr.apply(myPoint); //coordinates in pixels

3: We do not have a specific class? Can you simply get the strokes as we do in our Demo and getStarted samples?

Best regards,


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