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Disable Active Pen. I know this is not a functionality forum but I have nowhere to report this.

Unfortunately, the option to disable the active pen is pointless. When I disable this option, I would like Nebo to go into finger scrolling mode when I press the button at the top of the screen and write in when I press the pen button. I just want to use the active pen as a passive one because you can't use it on a lenovo tablet (I don't know if others do too). In active pen mode because when you move your hand on the surface the screen moves which is very frustrating.

It is practically impossible to use this application in active pen mode other than by holding the pen very close to the screen all the time to prevent accidental shifting of the content.

It would be good to disable the active pen option permanently. And manually turn it on when I want to go into active pen mode (which I doubt).

At the moment, when I turn off the active pen and bring the active pen closer to the tablet, the application turns it back on by itself! No sense.

Generally, it seems to me that if someone has a certain type of pen, they do not often change from active to passive and vice versa. As a rule, probably people use one type of pen all the time.

For example, it could be implemented in such a way that after changing the mode, it asks the user if he wants to change this mode permanently.

Or add another option that will prevent the pen from automatically exiting passive mode.

If I set something, I want it to stay that way.

Then there would be two options

1. Active or passive mode

2. Automatically detect stylus and change mode

So far, using the application is very frustrating and that's why I use INKredible which does not have such strange behavior.

I bought your app and it is very annoying for the reason mentioned above.

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You are right this is not the good place for such discusion,

You can open a ticket about Nebo here:

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