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Using MyScript for handwritten REPL

Hello MyScript team,

is it possible to get similar visual with MyScript SDK?


To be more specific:

  1. display recognized chars above the bounding box of those chars
  2. change stroke color depending on the recognized content

I am considering implementing New Kind of Paper with MyScript and as far as I read the documentation, the ideal way to implement it on iPad with Pencil, would be to use offscreen editor, which would get events from the custom SwiftUI/PencilKit UI. However, I would like to first try to implement naïve solution using the provided onscreen UI and those two requirements are essential for confident user interaction.

Thank you.

Hello Milan,

This is a very nice project indeed.

You can achieve such behavior with MyScript for doing that you should manage the styling when the recognition is done, and apply a different style for each category of input.

Here is the documentation for the styling:

To be more precise, my idea is to export your recognition result as jiix with stroke information ( ) , and depending if the stroke belongs to figures, or parentheses, or operator applying a different styles.

I hope this recommendation will help,

Best regards,

Etienne (from MyScript)

> This is a very nice project indeed.

Thank you.

It seems my reply was cut off for some reason, so asking again.

Wouldn't there be a performance penalty for such rapid import/export? This export-import cycle would have to be done in between every stroke.

From my idea, this is not import and export process, this is export and style applying.

You may only apply the style when the style changed so it should not be that time consuming.

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