A big wrong in math calculation

I'm new in MyScript and just found the wrongs of this APP in its math basics as shown in the attached file. 

while I am looking for some answers and solutions, I suddenly realised that the last update of this APP in Apple's App Store was 1 year ago.

SO, not sure either the crew is still working on and keep regular updates of MrScript or you by any chance will see this post. 


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Dear Guochao Wang,

Thank you for your question.

The reason why you get this result, is because the real operator that is implemented in our math solver is x+y%, thus taking precedence over the multiplication.
We have chosen to define the x+y% operator that translates to x+x*y/100.
This allows you to write 120+10%=132, which is what is usually expected in everyday life, for a calculator use.

Best regards,


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