Adapting MyScript For young readers and writers

Recognition too good!! 

I would like to use a text area to train and accept and improve input from young learners.  (Working with the JS version)...There is a great deal of good stuff in MS.  But I am finding the documentation a bit heavy going even though a 'reasonable' JS/CSS/HTML practitioner.

MS is so good it recognises terrible handwriting!!! I would like to check user input against paradigms for letters and accept only reasonably close matches and only if the letters are formed in the accepted ways.  Encouraging well formed input letters.

Along with this I would like to offer demo's to the young user, showing good shapes for letters drawn in the correct sequence.

Anyone pointing me at sample files or focusing my study of the documentation will earn much gratitude.

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Hello Roger,

Thank you for contacting us.

Our recognition engine aims at recognizing handwriting, and it is trained to recognize mainy ways of handwriting, including "bad" and "good" ones.

It is not designed to recognize only good shapes for letters, or evaluate the quality of the letters shapes.

Therefore there is no API to retrieve good shapes of handwriting only.


If you want to evaluate what is writen versus expected result, you can nevertheless take a look at our iinkJS full example that is described there:


This page will give you the links to the example demo and source code.

Best regards,


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