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Publish UIReferenceImplementation as a standalone library

I've just opened a GitHub issue about this topic, you can find it here.

Since including the UIReferenceImplementation library is the recommended way to start building applications with MyScript's SDK, why not publish it as a library too?

As a developer, in order to start working with the SDK, I'm expecting to do something like:

implementation "com.myscript:iink:2.3.2"
implementation "com.myscript:iink-ui:2.3.2" // This is the UIReferenceImplementation library

Instead, in the current situation, I have to copy-paste the reference library code from the examples repo, which is not ideal for obvious reasons.

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Dear Michele,

Thank you for contacting us.

The UIReferenceImplementation is designed to speed up development and integration for our users.

It is a good starting point per platform that can be customized according to each one's needs.

For this reason, we don't ship it as a library, but as source code, and don't plan to change the way we ship it.

Best regards,


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