Shapes Support in Windows WPF


I am able to integrate using the sample application.

Now the text is being recognized. but when I draw the shape it does not give the results expected in this link.

for example, when I draw any Rectangle, Square, Trapezoid, or Quadrilateral it gives Parallelograms always.

Could you please provide guidance on what additional steps may be necessary to resolve this issue and support shapes effectively?
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Hello Kumarutkarsh;

If you get the result parallelograms, that means the engine is correctly configured.

But you don't have the shapes you expected, can you provides with some jiix export with the shape recognition, and the input strokes, so we can see if the ink is correct.

Best regards,

Etienne (from MyScript)

Hello Etienne.dauphin,

Thank you for the response

The sample from this link https://github.com/MyScript/interactive-ink-examples-wpf behaves the same as our Myscript integrated Application (check the images attached)



But I observed that when I changed Type to Diagram in the sample code shapes were being captured as shown below 



So my question is it possible to have both these Modes at the same time?

Thank you.

You should revert to the documentation that explicit what are the differences between content type:


I think you want to use the "raw content" part.

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