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MyScript Recognition Standalone ATK for Windows (Both servers and desktop with win 7 and above)

Would require MyScript standalone recognition engine which can be integrated on windows application for windows 7 and above. The recognition should take place locally. Request support and help on this matter. Please provide a support Email-ID where we can discuss on the requirements.

Dear Sir,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, I am not sure to properly understand your request. Which product are you interested in? You would like to run the ATK on Windows 7? This is indeed not possible, ATK can only run on Windows 10 UWP.

Or you would be interested in our MyScript Server? if so, for which purpose?

If you have more specific questions, such as having access to the low level SDK (we warn you this latter one is very demanding), you can contact our sales team:


I understand that you have ATK's for Android , iOS and UWP platform (Win 10). You also have CDK's which is web API based.

Do you have any offering wherein MyScript recognition module can be integrated in standalone desktop applications for win 7 and above? Is there any standalone library available for MyScript recognition which can be integrated to rich client desktop applications or windows services? If yes, what is the licensing model for the same?

 Dear Sir,

I recommend you post you request on the following form:

From a technical point of view, be aware SDK is much more demanding than the ATK to come to a product. What kind of application are you trying to develop? A desktop application, that would have asynchronous recognition? Something similar to what can be done with the ATK? A form application?...

Best regards,


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