Write dimensions for the geometrical shapes

Sir..Is there a way to set label in the diagram widget, such that if I have drawn a circle the then I can mention a number onto that stating it to be let say 5 unit in radius.

Dear Rajnish,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, the Diagram Widget doesn't have such feature, it is not possible to set the label of recognized shapes.

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Dear Olivier,

Thank you for giving me a reply. I have few more questions regarding the geometry widget and the math widget : 

  1. Does the geometry widget have a feature where I can name the vertices of a triangle or a rectangle that I draw on the canvas?
  2. Can the math widget be configured to have a scrollbar like the Line Widget?

Dear Rajnish,

thank you for the update.

To answer your questions, it is not possible to name the vertices of a triangle.

For question nyumber 2, scrollbar cannot be implemented in MathWidget.

Best regards,

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