MathWidget Recognition Error

I want more convenient to recognition chimical symbols.

for example 


so i custom some symbols and rules

symbol1 = Al SO CO

symbol9 = +3 +2

exponentiable ::= identity(symbol9)

                | identity(symbol1)

                | identity(sqrtTerm)

                | overscript(symbol1, symbol9)


i draw this 


on LaTex editor online and recognition result is '{+3}\\{Al}_{2}O_{3}',

but the MathWidget recognition result is 'Al^{+3}_{2}O_{3}'


the result is error for me, 

what should i do ?

i use the MathWidget on ATK

Dear Chun Bo Zhao,

Indeed, as the MathWidget has not been designed to display chemical symbols, this is not suprising you are getting this behavior.

What can be done is use an external latex libary to display the result. Unfortunately, with this you will loose the interactivity of the widget.

Best regards,


that is say the rule of overscript is only support 'symbol3 = ∏ ∑ ∫ ∮ ∬ ∭ ∯ ∰ ∐' and 'symbol5 = - ∧ ← → ↔'?


Can not these symbols be customized?

Dear Chun Bo Zhao,

you can of course tune the gramar definition according to your needs.

Nevertheless, as our technology may not have been trained with some use-cases, accuracy may not be quite good.

Best regards,


Okay,I understand now, thanks for your help.