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502 Bad gateway


I'm developing a web service with myscript cloud.

Everything works fine but sometimes i got message "502 Bad Gateway" .

especially, the error occurs with a high probability when the web page refreshed frequently in short time.

is there any way to prevent this kind of error?

my recognitionparams is as follows :

 recognitionParams: {

                type: 'TEXT',

                protocol: 'WEBSOCKET',

                apiVersion: 'V4',

                server: {

                  scheme: 'https',

                  host: '',

                        applicationKey: xxxxxx

                        hmacKey: xxxxx


                v4 : {

                export: {

                    'image-resolution': 300,

                    jiix: {

                        'bounding-box': false,

                        strokes: true



                lang : 'ko_KR',

// mimeTypes : ['text/plain','application/vnd.myscript.jiix'],

                text : {

                    mimeTypes: ['text/plain','application/vnd.myscript.jiix']


                math : {

                    mimeTypes: ['application/x-latex']



Dear Minho Lee,

thank you for contacting us.

We are currently trying to fix this. If you happen to have again this error, can you please provide us with your request? This will indeed help us.

Best regards,


Thank you for your reply, and I have another question.

I found that the "host" in the "Text recognition and conversion with V4 API" is "" and I'm using "" 

Are there any differences between webdemo. and cloud. servers?

If then, which one should I use?

Dear Minho Lee,

Currently, you should use, which is the default URL for the CDK.

Best regards,

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