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IINKEngine initWithCertificate returning nil


I am integrating IINK with React Native and initWithCertificate method is returning nil.

`self.engine = [[IINKEngine alloc] initWithCertificate:certificateData];`

I checked certificate file in both GetStarted and my code and they are same (both certificateData has same length: 4447 and binary value).

But on GetStarted project, above method is returning engine.

Does initWithCertificate use any global value to initialize engine?

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Hi Peter,

Do you have "INVALID CERTIFICATE" printed in your output console? Certificates are dependent of the bundle id of the target application: if you reuse the GetStarted certificate into your own app, you are likely to encounter this error. Please refer to the on-device license management section of the documentation to see how to generate a new certificate for your app.
I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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