Form with handwritten words

Can you please give me some advice about form with handwritten words? I do not find any demo about this.

In naturalForms, there are not handwritten works filed tools.

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Hi Fei,

If I understand your use case properly, you want to be able to directly write into the fields using handwriting. Here are some pieces of advice to implement this behavior using Interactive Ink SDK:
  • Set up a global ink capture view, and send the pointer events to each field depending on their location.
  • Store the data for each field in a dedicated content part.
  • Have an editor pool and use setPart() to assign an editor when a field receives input and detach the editor when the field becomes inactive to avoid the need for one editor per field.
  • The different editors can share the same render target (i.e. rendering view), but you have to make sure that invalidate() calls for concerning one field will only affect the area of the view corresponding to this field.
  • If your fields have different recognition configurations, you can use the fact that the recognition configuration is only taken into account when setting the part, as explained in this forum thread.

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We are trying to accomplish same use case with Interactive Ink SDK in iOS platform. We were able to do it with ATK using inputview property in UITextField items which worked.

What is the correct way to use Interactive Ink SDK for multiple textfield? All we want to use handwriting capability for selected text fields.

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Dear Okan,

currently, the above explanation from my colleague is for the iink SDK. Which points would you need more explanation?

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Thank you for your response.

Currently, we are using SLTWSingleLineWidget from ATK. Would you able to provide sample code for iink SDK does the same functionality?

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Can you provide an example on how to do the above?