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I tried implementing text block feature in my app, but I am unable to add more than one text block on a single page, as when I try to add an another text block it disappears.

Another issue I am facing is I am unable to reduce the size of the text block if I do so its difficult to write in.

Can someone please help us by providing a multiple text block example with instructions on how to modify the text block without affecting the writing gestures.

I am in urgent need of it, and it would be really good if someone can help me asap.

Can some one help me with an example of form filling with multiple text block of different types.

Dear Swapnil,

Here are two topics talking about text block feature :



Let me know if these topics helped you.



Hi Mael,

Thanks a lot for responding.

I tried implementing but don't know what mistake I am doing, as I created a textblock it worked fine but the moment I create another textbock on same page, it overrides the previous textblock.

May I know where am I doing a mistake while implementing.



Dear Swapnil,

thank you for the update.

It looks like you only have one editor. As mentioned in the following topic, you should ensure to have several editors: https://developer-support.myscript.com/support/discussions/topics/16000022267

Best regards,


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