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could not build Objective-C module 'MyScriptInteractiveInk_Runtime'

Hi Team,

I've been trying to integrate your recent pod in my project, after installing the pod when I run my project I get this error in "Headers/MyScriptInteractiveInk-Runtime-umbrella.h" file-

"'iink/graphics/IINKICanvas.h' file not found

#import "iink/graphics/IINKICanvas.h"


<unknown>:0: error: could not build Objective-C module 'MyScriptInteractiveInk_Runtime'"

Can you help me resolve this issue?

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Dear Vaishali,

- Have you had errors during "pod install iink" ?

- Can you please check if you run the latest version of cocoapods ?

- You should have a path like this : "Pods/MyScriptInteractiveInk-Runtime/include".

- You need to run the default target from the workspace, not the project.

Best regards,


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