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Drawing path not working properly in canvas

Hello ,

i m using Interactive ink for recognize the text and math content using bezierPath in my iOS application, i am getting that path from bamboo slate.when i draw path in my
own view then it will right perfectly ,but i try to draw that path in canvas view provided in demo then it will automatically join start point and end point so my detection was not working properly.

i  please check my below code also how i will draw path

if  let Bazzrect = Bazz[i] as? UIBezierPath {

                    let n: Int = Bazzrect.cgPath.getPathElementsPoints().count

                    let events = UnsafeMutablePointer<IINKPointerEvent>.allocate(capacity: n)

                    let p = events

                    let pointerType = IINKPointerType.pen

                    for  i in 0..<Bazzrect.cgPath.getPathElementsPoints().count



                        let point = Bazzrect.cgPath.getPathElementsPoints()[i]

                        if i == 0 {

                            p[i] = IINKPointerEventMakeDown(CGPoint(x: point.x, y:point.y), -1, 0, pointerType, 0);


                        else if i == (Bazzrect.cgPath.getPathElementsPoints().count - 1) {

                            p[i] = IINKPointerEventMakeUp(CGPoint(x: point.x, y:point.y), -1, 0, pointerType, 0);


                            p[i] = IINKPointerEventMakeMove(CGPoint(x: point.x, y:point.y), -1, 0, pointerType, 0);



                  try!  editorViewController.editor.pointerEvents(p, count: n, doProcessGestures: false)


And my i m getting this image as output



Hi support team 

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Dear Raju,

thank you for contacting us.

Based on the screenshot, it seems the pointer UP is made on the same point than the pointer DOWN. Can you please set a breakpoint in your code and check the values that are passed to both the pointer DOWN and o the pointer UP?

Otherwise, you can also check directly the values of your array.

Best regards,


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