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iOS SDK: Rendering Mathematical “푥” (U+1D465)


I am using the iOS Interactive iink SDK to allow users to input answers to mathematical questions. My problem is that when a user inputs an 푥  (U+1D465), it is being rendered an an x when converted. To add the problem, I need a multiplication input (i.e x), to still be converted to an x. Is this possible using MyScript, and if so, what is the easiest way to achieve this? Ideally I need other letters such as y, to be rendered correctly as  U+1D466. 

FYI, I am using a custom font 'STIX Two Math', which I know renders an 푥 correctly.

Thanks in advance. :) 

Dear James,

thank you for contacting us.

I guess you are using a "Math" part, as this one is necessary to properly render math equations.

The problem is that our Math solution is not able to recognize this character, which is the reason why it is rendered as another one.

At present, we have no way to answer this use-case.

Best regards,


Dear James,

Currently you would like to render an equation as follows:

It has to be noticed we use 2 different fonts for numbers and variables. If setting the font with ".math { font-family: STIX Two Math; }", it will override both.

The solution consists in setting the font-family to the math class AND the font-style to math-variable class:

.math { font-family: STIX General }

.math-variable { font-style: italic }

Best regards,


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