Dear Customer,

please find the Bing translation of your above message:

1. Use myscript engine, turn graphics Diagram function, handwriting is very complex situation more use conversion process, exit, exit release process time is very long, resulting in the next identification because the last release has not been completed, the background has been stuck, Trouble to see why the release takes so long, or if there is a good way to exit release

If I understand well:

-you have a Diagram part with many strokes

-you start the recogntion of your Diagram

-As the conversion takes time, you want to cancel the recognition

-You start again a new conversion immediately

=> Let me know if the above is not correct.

First, what has to be kept in mind is that our recognition technology is a demanding process, the more ink you provide, the longer the recognition process will take.

Then, there is no way to "cancel" the recognition, the only way consists in killing the recogntion process.

We are therefore not surprised that if requesting a new recognition, as the previous one has not been canceled your application stucks.

From this, you understand our technology is designed "as-is", there is no way to cancel the recognition except killing the recogntion process.

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Dear Customer,

Thnak you for the video.

After reviewing it, I have several remarks:

-It seems you are inputting many "random" strokes in Diagram mode. From this, our technology will face difficulties extracting "Text" from "non text". As it is very demanding, you shall not enter so many strokes.

-Also, reviewing the first 2 conversions, they take significant time. This seems to indicate you have a "low CPU". Indeed, the more powerful the CPU, the faster the recognition will be.

On our side, we have the following recommendations:

-First, you shall not allow to enter so much strokes. if you have too many strokes, or too long strokes, you shall then reject these.

-If possible, review your hardware to have a more powerful CPU

The important is to keep in mind our tehcnology is very demanding, so ensure you have a powerful CPU and do not enter too many strokes.

Best regards,


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