Resource File Requirement

Hello Team,

I saw the link : https://developer-support.myscript.com/support/discussions/topics/16000028103/page/1?url_locale=

Can you provide me a ludcef generated resource file for the following requirement :

I have 1 to 15 boxes placed adjacent to each other like any other number entering field and each box has one digit.

So, in a way I can say that I have, 1 to 15 digits number where each digit is placed in a box.

The difference between my requirement and the one mentioned in the link is that minimum digit is 1 in my case, not 5. 

Let me know if anything else you would like to know.


Vivek Saraswat

Dear Vivek Saraswat,

thank you for this update, I am glad it is working as expected.

Best regards,


Dear Mr. Olivier,

Thank you for the support.

Provide resource files worked for me.


Vivek Saraswat

Dear Vivek,

thank you for contacting us and your request.

I just created a resource that allows to recognize 1 to 15 digits from 0 to 9.

You can download the .res file here: https://myscript.filecamp.com/s/4LThGdbFINHpR5GC/fo

Best regards,