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Adding another language (Lao or Laothian)

Hello, I am just wondering if I could help adding my language into MyScript system. My language is very similar to Thai. Thus, I think it would not be hard since you have supported Thai already. Please give me some suggestion on this. I am looking to buy a license to develop apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.


As of today Laotian is not part of our supported language and it is not currently planned to add it.
A new language, even if it is close to an already supported one, still requires an significant amount of work on our side.
The list of supported languages by our handwriting recognition engine is available in the documentation:
If you need more details about our license, please contact us through our sales form and give us more details about your projects:

How about Khmer Language Bro?

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, Khmer is not part of our current and future supported language list.
Rest assured that we will update our documentations each time new resources will be available.
Best regards.

oh, so where can i get or to read those document and those resources that connect with my language (Khmer)?
How can we help you to get those and add my language (Khmer) and the other new language in your app such as i seen many language that i ever learn thai and korean did live in your app?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english, -_-

hmm seem nobody want add a new language inside, and tell the way how to help!!

Of course we will be interested to receive your help when we will be working on this language. Would you mind being contacted by our linguist team in the future?

Yes sure i will contact you and waiting for your respond on my language Khmer (Cambodia).
Or You can mail me anytime too. :)
Good luck.

- kbit013