Recognizing only selected Operators

Is it possible to make the Math Widget only recognize + , - , x , / signs.

Can I set the Letters which are recognized in an EditText View ??

Yes it is possible, it requires to build a specific resource file for this kind of use case. Unfortunately you don't have the ability to build it yourself on our developer portal at the moment.
It also requires to disable the solver with the API Method setSolverEnabled(false).
To export in a EditText View, use the API Method getResultAsText().
Depending on the timeline of your project, don't hesitate to fill in our sales form:
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The custom resource tool is now available.
How to create and use custom resource file:
– Go to the Resource tools webpage (it requires to be logged in)
– According to the documentation about lexicon, subset knowledge or math grammar, create your own resource file according to the documentation and examples available on this page.

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