The 9th Multiple Text Widgets

How should it be done to make more than 9 multiple text widgets in 1 screen?
The 9th can't be changed.

Thanks for your feedback. I understand you have found a solution for your use case.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other question.
Best regards.

Thanks you. I'm sorry reply is late.
The above method does not yet can try, but was solved all this problem.
Version of the certificate file is found to be they due to be different from the version of the source.


Thanks you. I'm sorry reply is late.
The above method does not yet can try, but was solved all this problem.
Version of the certificate file is found to be they due to be different from the version of the source.


Thanks for your feedback about our widgets. Another way to use the Single Char Widget that may fit your needs would be using one instance only.
It means the user would have to select a field first by tapping it. To do that, you will have to implement the method :
Then the user would be able to write one or several characters for the selected field: singleCharWidget:didChangeText:intermediate:

This kind of integration could be very comfortable for the user if he has to fill a lot of fields, because he can write on the entire screen of the device. However, it may be less natural for him to have to select the field first before writing.
Hope it could help with your project.

Thank you for reply.
We want to solve this problem in the future.

Already we've tried other widgets, but it was something which widget also does not meet the requirements.
SLTWSample the keyboard type, it does not agree with this requirement.
For MLTWSample can not create of nine or more, it does not fit in this requirement.


Thanks for your project. We have been able to reproduce the issue and will investigate about this limitation.
In the meantime, we are actually confused with your use case. The Single Char or the Text Widget can be used as an input method to fill in several writing areas. The samples provided with the ATK package show examples of integration with several fields. Depending on your needs, it looks better than creating one instance of a widget per field.
Did you try every sample? Did you see examples of use case provided for each widget? https://developer.myscript.com/docs

Best regards

Dear Olivier,

This is a sample to crash at 62 th.
Only three days is available for download.



Dear ManabuYasuba,
Yes if you don’t mind (we can delete it just after the download)
Otherwise you can send it by e-mail as you did before.

Dear Olivier,

I would be writing the URL of the Dropbox here?

Dear Olivier,

If I did not use the PopOverController, I was able to confirm that multiple SCW to work.
However, I was also confirmed that no longer work is SCW at 62 th.
In addition, depending on the version of ATK, I've found that the more of SCW does not work.

I will tell you again for more information about the problem with version.

Dear ManabuYasuba,

Unfortunately, the log doesn't help much.

In order to investigate further, would it be possible to get your latest project, and scenario to reproduce?

Best regards,


Dear Olivier,

I wrote this sample.

I have mistaken. Your point is correct.

But after I fixed this problem, sample crashed when I write on SCW on second view due to EXC_BAD_ACCESS inside your library code.

Following code is location when app crashed.

__47-[SCWLocalRecognizer recognitionTaskWithInput:]_block_invoke at SCWLocalRecognizer.m:327:
0x10c2c4: push {r4, r5, r6, r7, lr}
0x10c2c6: add r7, sp, #0xc
0x10c2c8: push.w {r8, r10, r11}
0x10c2cc: sub sp, #0x14
0x10c2ce: mov r4, r0
0x10c2d0: movw r0, #0x6ed4
0x10c2d4: movt r0, #0x2a
0x10c2d8: movw r2, #0x780e
0x10c2dc: movt r2, #0x2a
0x10c2e0: add r0, pc
0x10c2e2: add r2, pc
0x10c2e4: ldr r1, [r0]
0x10c2e6: ldr r0, [r2]
0x10c2e8: blx 0x39ed84 ; symbol stub for: objc_msgSend
0x10c2ec: mov r8, r0
0x10c2ee: movs r1, #0xa0
0x10c2f0: bl 0x1cc354 ; voGetInterface
0x10c2f4: movw r1, #0x72ae
0x10c2f8: movt r1, #0x2a
0x10c2fc: ldr r5, [r0] <====== * H E R E *
0x10c2fe: add r1, pc
0x10c300: ldr r0, [r4, #0x14]
0x10c302: ldr r6, [r1]
0x10c304: mov r1, r6
0x10c306: blx 0x39ed84 ; symbol stub for: objc_msgSend
0x10c30a: mov r1, r0
0x10c30c: mov r0, r8
0x10c30e: movs r2, #0x1
0x10c310: blx r5
0x10c312: ldr r0, [r4, #0x14]
0x10c314: mov r1, r6
0x10c316: ldr r5, [r4, #0x18]
0x10c318: blx 0x39ed84 ; symbol stub for: objc_msgSend

This code when I ran on iPad mini.
When I ran on simulator, also it crashed.


Dear ManabuYasuba,

to our knowledge, there are no restrictions on using PopOverController.

Also, I tried the sample you put on Dropbox. On view 2, I noticed there was no Referencing Outlet on both the writing area and the Label area? As soon as I added the SCWView to the writing area and the recognizedText to the label area, area 2 worked fine.

Best regards,


We might have found the cause of this problem.

We have created SCW on the PopOverController.

Please tell me if there are any restrictions on PopOverController.

We also can create more than one instance on a single screen as you say has been confirmed.

However, SCW will not recognize when you create an instance in multiple screens.

If the SCW than something that only works on a single screen, it can not be used as an application of the engine.

We are very troubled.

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