Geometry Widget release for Android


We’ve just released the Android version of our Geometry Widget!

The Geometry Widget features patent-pending technology, which enables the recognition, beautification, and interactivity of handwritten geometry drawing on digital devices. It offers an interactive input method, enabling users to draw geometric shapes freehand with a finger or a stylus.

If you’re developing an educational app, the Geometry Widget will enable you to provide teachers and students a natural and fast way to create geometrical drawings: useful for lesson or assignments creation and completion.

Give it a try !

If you have any idea or feedback you want to share, we would love to hear from you!

The MyScript Team

how to install ?

Dear Sanjeev,

In order to download the Geometry Widget, you should click the above link, which will lead you to the download links.
You can then download the iOS and/or Android Widget.

Once downloaded, you should get the Android and iOS certificate files by email.

For iOS, you should extract the corresponding package and certificate into the same directory. You can then open the Geometry widget with Xcode.
For Android, once the corresponding package and certificate have been extracted into the same directory. You can then load these with the eclipse environment.

Let us know if you face any difficulty running the projects.

Best regards,



How to install?
There is no * .apk !?

There is indeed no APK provided.

As this is a Widget, you should download the Sample projects we provide, and build these either using the xcode environment (iOS) or the eclipse environment (Android).

As said above, you should normally receive your certificate by email when requesting to download the projects.

Best regards,



but not gonna put on google play the *.apk, as for example MyScript Smart Note

Best Regards

Before using the Geometry Widget in your own code, you will need to unzip and include the appropriate certificate attached to this to unzip?

Not how to run apk android smartphone
Thank you.

This Widget is aimed at first to developers, to create applications based on it. This is the reason why is it not available on the stores.

You therefore need an development environment to build your own APK and run it on your device.

Best regards,


IMPORTANT point to Android developers:

The Geometry Widget for Android is a nested project. While importing the project, you should ensure to select the Search for nested projects option.

Best regards,


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