iOS: Widget stopped working

Hello, I have been using the MWViewController from Swift and it's been working for months, but now I suddenly get an error message:

Error Domain=com.visionobjects.mathwidget.configuration Code=10 Recognition thread cannot be started UserInfo=0x16e9da30 {NSLocalizedDescription=Recognition thread cannot be started}

and it doesn't do any recognition anymore.

Has anyone experienced this?

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It seems you have created your first account more than 90 days ago. At this time, developer portal users used to receive a time-limited certificate by e-mail. I guess that your application stopped working because this certificate has expired. We have created a new way to download certificates and to see remaining runtimes on the ATK portal. Please login and go to (with your dev portal credentials) and follow carefully the steps detailed in our documentation.

Please let us know if you need more assistance.
Best regards

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