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Swift Sample

I am having much problems like Undefined symbols for architecture i386 on trying to use ATK with Swift.
Could you please make sample with Swift.
That's would be really useful.

Could you please give us more details?
Did you succeed to run the ATK 1.2 samples?
Could you please check the Xcode build settings? Remove ‘All load’ flag, in Xcode settings –> Other Link Flags may help.

Thank you for response, all problems were successfully resolved.
The biggest problem was certificate, so I had to rewrite MyCertificate.h into Swift.
Sharing the code, may be helpful for somebody.

let myCertificate = Array<Int8>(arrayLiteral:
103, 92, -99, 33, 72, 48, 119, -72,
-77, 75, -88, 81, 113, -46, -119, -119,

var certificate = NSData(bytes: myCertificate, length: myCertificate.count)
controller.configureWithResources(resources, certificate: certificate)

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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