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Help on debugging

How can I debug android application ,I can't write anything on web view please help me debug

I tried with setDevOptionEnabled(true, true); but didn't worked

Hi Oliver,

Yes I have attached sdk-lib into my project,Did you got any chance to check what is error code 10 and 6.
please download this .apk file for better understanding.


Dear Zaggu,

I was not able to download your APK file from your Dropbox link.

Regarding the errors, error code 10 means the engine can not be created, which can have many causes: The SDK project has not been added, the native libraries can not be loaded (e.g. not added in the apk or project, or added but in the wrong path), the certificate file is not correct....

Error 6 means the resources (*.res files) can not be loaded. This can occur if the *.res files were not properly deployed in your project, or in your APK.

Best regards,


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