Dont want ink Fading out

I'm developing a app with SCW widget.
User will write a character and click a button to commit the character to recognition.
There is another button to clear the widget.

my problem here is when character was writing and ink faded out.

how can i disable or delay the ink fading out function?

thank you.

Thanks for your feedback!

Android SingleChar.
Configure language is zh_CN.

I solved my problems by using MLTW instead SCW.

Thank you for response.

Could you please confirm if you try with SingleChar Android or iOS?

but setInkEffect() doesn't work.
What i needed is setting fade out delay with infinity parameter by setInkFadeOutDelay().
can i do this?

Did you try to set Ink effect to this value?
Please refer to the api documentation for more details.

Best regards

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