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Server respond with 401 (Unauthorized)

Hi, the handwriting api is great. I'm trying to embed it to my site, but sometimes it doesn't work and give me error: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized). (however it works again after a while)

I want to know what cause that, could be the api not stable during free trial? If so, should I buy another license?

Thank you very much!


I just use the sample code for doSimpleRecognition as an iframe in my page.

Thanks for your bug report. In order to better answer you, we would like to get more logs about the error. Do you use both ApplicationKey and HMAC key? Do you use the following URL to send you request?
Best regards

Hi Cate, thanks for your reponse! I worked with xyzhang on the same project. We registered on, create an application, and then use the ApplicationKey and HMAC key that we got assigned. Yet it's not quite stable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Do you know why it happens? We are using a free trial, so I am wondering whether you guys have rules about how much time we can use it everyday?

Hi Eric,
Regarding the limitation of the 90 days trial period, you cannot exceed 200 requests per day. To remove this limitation, you need to buy a cartridge:

Anyway if you reach this limit, you should be notified with a clear error log, so could you please check again and share with us the error details you get?
Best regards

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