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Hi all,

I am using the ATK on iOS. This ATK will detect currently the Ink Characters automatic, then clear strokes step by step.

Can I use any function to control time for detecting characters? And I can clear strokes by manual?

Please help me this? I can't find any functions support this in ATK.

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I guess you are referring to the Single Char Widget. Unfortunately it is not possible to clear the strokes manually, but you may be interested by the API:

Set the delay after which strokes start fading out.

@property (nonatomic, readwrite) NSTimeInterval inkFadeOutDelay
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The only way to control the recognition could be using the following API

Set the delay after which handwriting recognition starts for the character being written (in isolated mode).

@property (nonatomic, readwrite) NSTimeInterval autoCommitDelay
autoCommitDelay Auto-commit delay in seconds.

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Please let us know if it helps! Best regards.

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