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SingleLineInput Sample for the iPhone

Any chance you can create/tell me how to create a SingleLineInput Sample for the iPhone?


Did you try to run our codes samples? 'Single line text widget' and 'single char widget' code samples should help you to start your project:
All our documentation about those widget is here:
Please let us know if you have any specific question.
Best regards

I did check those out. The single char widget looks/works perfectly on the iPhone, but it only accepts one character. Any way of making the exact same widget take single lines?

Now, the single line one works on the iPad but it completely breaks on the iPhone. Any way to make that one work on smaller sceens?

I got your point now. The sample we provide has only a view for iPad, but you can create a view for iPhone with an appropriate size.
Please check 'Apple developer website' for more details how to achieve this:
Best regards

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