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Question Regarding to ATK License

Hello Support Team,

I have two questions regarding to MyScript Math ATK.

First, Each time user active the app on a devices, one License is counted. So, As a developer, It is hard to control users to install the app on only one device per purchase. Besides, Apple Developer Agreement doesn’t allow the developers control users base on devices and they allows user install the app on up to 10 devices per purchase. Do you provide any solution for that ?

Second, I also really concern about cracked app (a.k.a illegal copies). according to some statistics: App Developers lost 20% of revenue every year due to pirated app. It’s hard to control that situation. How can we (Developers) cope with that ?

On Top of that, is there any possible way to pay for the license based on copies sold ? Revenue share between Developers and MyScript Company is also a good solution.

Honestly, My Script Technology is REALY amazing. It's the best technology for my idea as well as my App. I really want to implement it into my app.

Best Regards, An Truong.

Dear An Truong,

your demand is currently being processed, you should be contacted by a sales manager.

If you do not get any update within few days, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,


Thank you for your reply.

I contacted them for more info regarding to ATK and SDK couple day ago. But I have not received any reply yet ! Do you have any contact email of support and sale team ?

Best Regards, An Truong.

Firstly, to publish an application that integrates our handwriting recognition, you will need to buy a license pack on our ATK Shop and download the relevant certificate to build your application.
Once available on the AppStore, your application will follow the AppStore policy rules. So a user who changes his device will be able to download it on another device using the same iTunes & AppStore account he used for the purchase.
However our ATK licensing is per activated device so I confirm you a second license would be used in this scenario.
About illegal copies, we have not defined specific solutions. Some developers choose to create in-apps purchase with subscriptions, so they had their own security system into their apps.

Finally, if you want to discuss other partnership or sales solution, I invite you to give us more details about your project through our sales form:

Best regards.

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